Danish composer and pianist Frederik Flach (b. 1989) composes original neo-classical music and soundtracks for various films and television shows.

As a composer he both weighs the overall structure and the smaller delicate details, often exploring a simple theme that evolves organically. In most of his music the piano is in focus with touches of analog synthesizers, jazzy harmonies and often string arrangements.

His compositions are personal and often melancholic, inviting the listener into a diverse and textured universe where anything can happen.

He is also the founder of Jazzkollektivet: a community that consists of Nordic jazz talents. The ambition with the collective, founded in 2016, is to support a sprouting growth layer of young musicians and contribute to these talents making a living of their arts.

Frederik Flachs compositions have been used in a number of tv-programmes, shows, podcasts etc.

As of 2020 he offers individual mentoring sessions focusing on entrepreneurship and how to build a sustainable career in music drawing on his experiences as both an artist and an entrepreneur.

Frederik Flach is currently residing in Copenhagen, Denmark

Photos by: Kristina Ahm & Julia Eva Severinsen