Songs For A Secluded Place (2020)

Frederik Flachs newest album “Songs For A Secluded Place” was recorded and composed during a week alone in a cabin in the Danish countryside. The instrumental solo-piano album was made solely on an old dusty upright piano in the composer’s own getaway. Flach was inspired by the simple things surrounding him: the trees, the birds, the fireplace and the shifting weather. The album has an earthy, acoustic and cosy feeling: the wind, fireplace and creaking of a chair is kept audible in the mix.
Label: Nordic Music Society
Release: Late 2020

Perspective (2019)

“Perspective” is an album that celebrates a child’s perspective of the world. The album was inspired by Frederiks own experience as a child seeing two windmills in the horizon from his childhood home, believing they were two gigantic mystical beings visible anywhere in the world. One day the family went on a trip to go see them close up. The sound and size overwhelmed Flach and his changed perspective of the size of the world was the inspiration that led to the EP years later.
Label: Nordic Music Society

The Planets (2018)

“The Planets” is a musical planet-by-planet tour to our solar system, in which each planet gets its own modern classical composition with elements of sound recordings by NASA. Celebrating the 100 years jubilee of the world premiere of Gustav Holst’s orchestral suite, The Planets from 1918, Frederik Flach presents us with a new modern composition that celebrates the planets by giving each of them a new voice in the music of the modern composer with a focus on the vast expanses, the enormous distances and the dark emptiness.
Label: Nordic Music Society
Artwork by: mfoart